How we wanna move?

August 24, 2011  |  Blog

Apart from the enthuasastic team and the short film programme about dreams, utopia and reality, the cinémobil will be a core of the project.

The first time, 2009 Moviemiento createt a cinémoil for the german-polish film festival tour Kinomobilny.

The Kinomobilny accompanied the cycling festival crew along the german-polish border. While the tour the Kinomobilny the technic equipment is stored inside and open as a bar during screening event. It even gives the team a kind of a temporary home while travelling. Now, the Kinomobilny is based in Berlin and still moving around for screening events in the city.

Together with the french partner La Fee Nadou, the idea was born to create a cinémobil in the Cevennes as well. After the fetival tour it will stay in France. Open for new projects.

A old caravann is already in L’Affenadou, waiting that the construction week starts…


  1. Perfect facts! I have already been looking for something like this for a little bit now. Appreciation!

  2. so, great minds!
    have some days for “la fee nadou”?..

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  4. I wanted to let you know you wrote a great article.


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